Hello Cubo!
First I would like you to talk a little bit about yourself, you can make an intro to know you a little better more, musically speaking …
My connection to music comes from my parents, my father was a big fan of music and evolved with the changes in his time, first rock, blues, jazz and psychedelia evolution of electronics. In addition to my mother they ran this Cava de Jazz Teddy, a small basement under a bookstore in Kutxi conditioning and bar where fans gathered. My house was full of vinyls that have been discovered over the years. I have definitely inherited from them the diffuser initiative to publicize new music to the world. I myself started working with Hala Bedi Radio in my early days was the most punk 87-88. And as a DJ more aware came first in 94 sessions.
I’m a big fan of Silum Soundz, especially eclectic Xperimental Sound System, how was born this Sonic file?

Silum Soundz emerged from the first festivals started organizing in ’94, the first with Javi Pez in the missing bar La Casa de la Música. We like what they were doing nearby reference syrup in Donosti with his parties in the Etxekalte and newborn record Novophonic also were Jazzin ‘Club in Madrid and influential labels like Ninja Tune or Mo’Wax. In those days Ishmael Sustraivibez collaborated with leading a program of Jamaican sounds in Hala Bedi called “Jah Lion Rock” which ended becoming “Xperimental Sound System” to open up to new sounds.


The idea of ​​Silum Soundz collectively with the collaboration of different artists from all disciplines has been maintained over the years, among them we can count Saenz de Olazagoitia Ibon, Beñat Lasagabaster, Boris Recio, Parrucho, Naiara Iñiguez de Ciriano and many more … In places like Capirote, Cairo, Bacchus Café Dublin … and now Darkablar or Stonehead. A late 90s appeared the first web version of silumsoundz.net with the idea of ​​spreading sessions all kinds of stimulants DJs and online file has grown so far. just over a year ago came the possibility of resuming activity in Hala Bedi and I happened to retake the spirit of “Xperimental Sound System”.
I like the range of styles that pick in your sessions, as a selector how do you prepare your sessions?

As I’ve said before listening to music all my life, in every age have dominated a series of sounds and it is reflected in what skewer in my sessions. When preparing the sessions I have in mind the location, time and type of audience. Basically what I want is for people to enjoy the experience and have a good time, that’s why they leave home. For sessions “Xperimental Sound System” just take the opportunity to DJing is more difficult to find in local, more personal and otherwise enjoy at home, ride in the car. To let go and travel. In my sessions I like to superimpose different styles and periods.
You have also produced several EPs. Produce is always the next step after mixing so many years?

I’ve just released my fourth EP for Lonely Owl Records, the record of Mikel Gil, who believes a lot in my work and encourages me to continue with my experiments in production. These works go on a techno-house sound. But I began to introduce in the world of production by 1996 basically influenced by DJ Krush’s tremendous albums “Strictly Turntablized”albums, hearing these powerful beats something inside me started moving and I was intrigued by how he could get to create something like that. I did some demos first to precarious Cubase and then with Fruity Loops, was a wave downtempo, trip-hop and hip-hop instrumental. I participated in two compilations Basque Electronic Diaspora edited by Metak, another Yo Gano – Tú pierdes and have also remixed tracks for Betagarri and Ortophonk, among others.
Search an increasingly personal sound?

For me this quest is the essence of production and just now have in hand a much more personal project.

You can know more about the project? Some scoop please!

It is something that is going to boil over low heat and quite far from 4×4.

Besides your music, you are a graphic designer. You think that music should always be accompanied by visuals?

Indeed, I work as a graphic designer in the io grafix project, also from 20 years ago. For me it is essential that the graphics accompany the music, I still come from the world of the discs, which distinguías by its cover, by his touch and smell.

You usually do projects that combine the visual with the musical?

When raising a session I conceive as a complete sensory experience and has whenever possible I have tried to supplement my music with projections, in most cases have collaborated with visual artist and VJ ISdeO (Ibon Saenz de Olazagoitia ).

I also find it very important to the overall atmosphere, even the smells that surround us. All part of the feeling and experience.

We have prepared for the podcast?

Given the eclectic nature of Mol Selekte I have tried to do something fun, starting from foundations techno, house and electro but adding more rock, pop and psychedelic touches.

Short questions:

An artist that you recommend? Antonio Carlos Jobim

A new artist who has captivated you? Niño de Elche

A song for life? “Sunday Morning” by The Velvet Underground

Favorite DJ? I could not stay with just one, but you I can mention a few: Andrew Weatherall, DJ Koze, DJ Krush, DJ Vadim, Chris Coco …

Thanks Cubo 🙂

Enjoy Musik

Mol Selekte


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