2015 was the year of consecration of this Brazilian born DJ, who spent part of his childhood in Chile before settling in Basque lands.

Celis aka Ingrid Yngryd is standard booths where the Basque capital gradually made its place this year has been reflected in the party Insomnia Cycle, which itself organizes and which has trained artist as Svreca, JC , Kastil, Irazu, Pelacha or Reka.

Taking Tehcno as her basis style but with touches like ambient, noise or industrial, manufactures deep dark sets that providing a special personality and style to them.
You can see the session made for Mugako Festival as a example, where he acted as one of the local representatives.

Take this opportunity to remember that this Saturday Jimmy Jazz (Vitoria), Insomnia Cycle celebrates its sixth edition with her and Madrid Aiken (Timeline, Semantics) guest.

Insomnia Cycle #6

I asked him to make a podcast for Mol Selekte and take step to ask him some questions and here is the result, enjoy!

To begin your assessment that 2015? It seems to have been an excellent year for you …

It’s been a good year, I feel I have made progress in important things, artistically and especially as a person, so with this, more than happy.

That your plans for 2016?

Follow Learning things, in all ways, artistically, personally, etc. but above all, to live each moment and enjoy them, one of my goals this year and my life is that whatever you do, do not blind me to an end in the future, but while making go, be aware step and enjoy them, so everything will make more sense.

I know you’re a person with a great musical background, tell me a little as it has changed your musical taste throughout your life?

I’ve been through many times and I have spent time faces of music, from rock, punk, hip-hop, rock, listened to the couple always things electronic music but it was after the 20-somethings I catch myself to another level and here I am !

As you start DJing and has attracted you do?

I started many years ago but doing sessions varied rock, and as time went on was adding to those sessions more things ahead of electronics, until he reached a moment where I felt just like doing that, it will and about 4/5 years since I started deejaying only electronic music.

Tell me a bit the idea behind the session that you have prepared:

Dervish told me: Do something you have not done, and the truth is that in almost all of my session, I always do a little experimental, industrial, noise, yet had never done a full session just that, and this Once encourage me, I liked the idea of ​​doing something more focused on all that I wanted.
Quick questions:

An artist that you recommend?

Actually, there are so many things swarming, which is only complicated recommend one for me, but to see the first thing that comes to mind at this time, as it could be … Alessandro Cortini, yes.

A new artist who has been captivated you?

The Swedish Korridor.

A song for life?

Push The sky away (Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds) among others.

Favorite DJ?

I do not have a favorite DJ, there are some that I like, some more, some less, some almost nothing and others who put me goosebumps.

Thanks Yngryd,






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