Sometimes it is better to allow that each explain their own history… A good guy with taste and passion for music.

The Story of a historian by Negrait

My beginnings as a DJ were about 6 years ago with a Reloop controller, but as a historian I also have to go back a little in time to explain how I came to it and as I have come to this point.

Devoured music since I have consciousness, both studying in the car, playing sports, cleaning the house … I need a soundtrack according to each time lol. The first thing I remember is Sabina and shrimp that put my parents at home and in the car and I liked a lot, especially the first. The brothers and cousins have all major, makes your hands reach early music that your parents may not like much, such as tapes from Extremoduro and Molotov that I had listened with my walkman with 10 years or less, or the first Violadores del Verso disk that gave me my cousin shortly after.

From 15 to 20 listened mostly rock, rap and reggae, known as electronic listening bumping some friends but I did not like that style, also had at home my brother was and is a fan of Oscar Mulero, but he also associated to bumping techno. It is at 18 when I start to approach electronics, first with the dance and commercial house.

Then, thanks to Unz that my companion would shortly after battles and already pricked in Vitoria gambling dens and put minimal and deephouse especially my relationship with electronic music and became marriage. I loved the scroll of the parties and especially music, which was a more personal and artistic electronic approaching this more in the music I used to listen to music as an art not as a business.

Make the decision to learn to mix sessions to do with the music I liked and bought the software and Reloop Traktor controller was telling you about at first. Shortly with Unz and Min Instinct created the Butterfly Kollektiv project and has started to party together in Vitoria, gradually I went deeper and deeper into electronic music and how to prick and sold the driver to puncture with dishes table, as I learned, and I still believe, that one is not a DJ until you know to sync two records together.

Between late 2014 and earlier this year we aim to stage Buterfly, for work, personal and tiredness would say. In four years we made many parties, many people moved in Vitoria and evolve as DJs. My musical taste went from minimal, the deep and tech house to the more classic house, disco and funk, and above all, I lose myself very much in a style that until then did not seem very attractive as is the techno and since that time has fascinated me.

Now I’m more focused on my PhD in ancient history but without abandoning the music at any time of course, we keep doing stuff together more sporadically and separately, we also have some other plan to do something new that is still under construction. Going through the Dekmantel festival this year has been a turning point that motivated these new plans, because as you well know this festival deeply mark any lover of quality electronic music.

And this is all I can think to tell so far, sorry over the answer, but I am incapable of writing a life history (myself or others) in a couple of paragraphs.

Some quick questions;

Artist I recommend:
For the quality of their music and their sessions, the work that has to get where he is, to remain faithful to its principles and above all he is a great friend and share knowledge in an open always gives a super- good advice, tell you that I highly recommend to follow, listen and watch live Kastil. His label Soul Notes (and the sub-labels of this) are pure cream in musical format.

New Artist that has caught my attention:
This is more fucked up I do not like to just give a name because many would say, also depends on if you are new on the scene or new to me. Someone making a new techno which I love are Stenny and Andrea, wonderful things that are taking the hallmark of the Zenker, Illian Tape brothers. Also this Deapmash it will now remove a pepinazo Soul Notes. Pulling more to house everyone in the Dutch label Rush Hour, with special mention of Tom Trago and crazy San Proper, carrying 15 with the label but I knew more or less for 3

A Song for life:
I’ll say two classics: Extremoduro – Sucede and to compensate for electronic DJ Rolando – Knights of the Jaguar

Dj preferred:
I can not answer these one name lol. The sessions have enjoyed more and better memory are Tiga and Ben Sims a few years ago in Monegros, Motor City Drum Ensemble in London two years ago and this in Dekmantel, Marcos Cabral in London and Steve Fabrik Circoloco Rachmand in Ibiza a year ago and I can not forget Marcel Dettman Four Tet and this year also in the Dekmantel which were both amazing.

Enjoy the Music

Mol Selekte


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